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Waste management involves the collection, clean up and disposal of various types of waste. Each of these steps are equally important, and are given keen attention by all Victorian Environmental Waste Services staff.

cbd cardboard recyclingSome of the key concepts with regard to waste management are explained below.

Reducing your waste management cost

Our waste management services include

cardboard recycling melbourneEstablishment and maintenance of effective waste minimisation and recycling systems requires the cooperation of waste contractors, cleaning contractors, facilities managers and site staff. Ideally, a program should be developed including:

  • commitment by senior management;
  • a policy and strategy;
  • appropriate organisational structures;
  • adequate resources; and
  • monitoring and reporting systems.

Melbourne Waste Disposal

If it is not possible to recycle a particular type of waste, then you waste will end up in landfill:


Disposal of waste in a landfill involves burying waste in the ground. Landfills were often established in abandoned or unused quarries, mining voids or borrow pits. A properly-designed and well-managed landfill can be a hygienic and relatively inexpensive method of disposing of waste materials. Older, poorly-designed or poorly-managed landfills can create a number of adverse environmental impacts such as wind-blown litter, attraction of vermin, and generation of liquid leachate. Another common byproduct of landfills is gas (mostly composed of methane and carbon dioxide), which is produced as organic waste breaks down anaerobically. This gas can create odor and possibly health problems, kill surface vegetation, and is a greenhouse gas.

Design characteristics of a modern landfill include methods to contain leachate such as clay or plastic lining material. Deposited waste is normally compacted to increase its density and stability, and covered to prevent attracting vermin (such as mice or rats). Many landfills also have landfill gas extraction systems installed to extract the landfill gas. Gas is pumped out of the landfill using perforated pipes and flared off or burnt in a gas engine to generate electricity.

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