Specialised Waste

Specialised Waste Management

Victorian Environmental Waste Services are experts in specialised waste management. In many industries, waste must be handled carefully to avoid hazards or to ensure security. We have the knowledge and experience in handling all types of specialised waste to give you and your business peace of mind.

We can securely collect documents for shredding, and dispose or destroy bulk security loads, as you require.

Victorian Environmental Waste Services takes care of sanitary waste; liquid waste; medical waste; waste oil; and prescribed to the highest standards and EPA regulations. We are also equipped to dispose waste in grease traps and triple interceptors.

We provide rear lift, front lift and bulk bins ranging from 120L all the way up to 31m3

Talk to us about how we can set up a cost-effective and efficient disposal solution for your specialised waste requirements.

Bin Sizes

Specialised Waste Types

  • Secure Document Disposal & Shredding
  • Liquid Waste (Inc. Grease traps, oil)
  • Sanitary Waste
  • E-waste (Electronic & Computer Parts)
  • Collection and Disposal


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